While the names of celebrity contestants on Bigg Boss are still being speculated upon, the names of the commoners who will be housemates on Bigg Boss 11 is out. It’s a healthy mix of weird, dangerous, saucy and ordinary folks that Colors TV has roped in on the reality show this year. Take a look:

1. Shivani Durgah

Since Om Swami was a big hit with the audience last year and grabbed a lot of eye balls and headlines, the people behind Bigg Boss have introduced Shivani Durgah this year. But before you get any ideas, the lady says “Ek talaab ki machchli gandi hai to iska matlab ye nahi ki poora talaab hi ganda ho.”

Whether she is talking about Om Swami or all the self-proclaimed babas who are getting caught for their nefarious activities is anyone’s guess. Shivani Durgah, a god woman based in Noida has an interesting profile that shows that she is into a host of things including being a wiccan, tantrika, spirit hunter, medium, psychic, gypsy, vodou anthropologist, singer, author and founder of a few organisations.

2. Sapna Choudhary

Agar main ashleel hoon toh Bollywood mein item number karne wali sab heroine ashleel hai,” declares Sapna Choudhary a stage dancer from Rohtak, Haryana. Sapna made news for her controversial song Ragini in Haryanvi, which landed her in legal trouble for allegedly having hurt the sentiments of a particular caste. The dancer was granted bail in the case. Sapna’s popularity can be assessed by the fact that each of her videos on YouTube have millions of views.

Lots of dance and drama expected on Bigg Boss 11?

3. Zubair Khan, Mumbai

Zubair Khan’s claim to fame is that he is Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law. Introducing himself as a contestant on Bigg Boss, Zubair says, “Underworld se mera nikaah zarur hua hai par meri pehchaan maine khud banayi hai.”

Zubair is also a filmmaker who has B-grade films like Lakeer Ka Fakeer to his credit. Though the man was apparently involved with the underworld before, he has in an interview said that it’s all in the past now. Zubair heads a production house called ‘Garbage Productions’ and continues to produce and direct Hindi potboilers with titles like Missing DVD.

We’re sure no one will take any unnecessary pangas with bhai ka bhai in the Bigg Boss house.

4. Jyoti Kumari

The most ‘non-controversial’ contestant from the commoners seems to be Jyoti Kumari from Patna. Speaking about herself, Kumari gives us the quintessential line that though her father is an ordinary peon, her dreams are extraordinary. But what’s she going to do with the likes of extraordinary people like Zubair Khan and Shivani Durgah for company?

Looking forward to Bigg Boss 11 already?


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