Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite paintings would look like in real life? Austrian photographer Inge Prader has recreated selected iconic works from her compatriot Gustav Klimt, and the results are stunning.

Klimt is most commonly associated with the Art Nouveau style, a bold and elaborate aesthetic that originated at around the turn of the 20th century. The aesthetic inspired artists as well as architects such as Barcelona’s Gaudi to create ornate and rich works that reflected the optimism of the time.
Prader’s vivid recreations are based on Klimt’s Golden Phase of 1899-1910. This is evident in the luscious golden hues of the occasionally erotic scenes; models are often nude, intertwined and surrounded by gold ornaments that bring out the warm decadence of the original paintings.

The series of images were taken for Life Ball, an annual event in Vienna that seeks to raise funds to help fight HIV/AIDS.

We think that Inge Prader and her models did an incredible job bringing two-dimensional paintings to life through modern photography. What do you think? Which of your favourite works of art would you like to see given a similar makeover? Let us know in the comments below!



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